Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thermopylae A Scarf

Thermopylae (5)
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Thermopylae means "hot gates" in Greek. This is derived from the myth that Heracles had jumped into the river in an attempt to wash off the Hydra poison infused in the cloak that he could not take off. The river was said to have turned hot and stayed that way ever since.

Thermopylae is located in eastern central Greece on the only land route large enough to bear any significant traffic between Lokris and Thessaly. Passage from north to south along the east coast of the Balkan peninsula requires use of the pass. Further west the way is blocked by mountains and the Gulf of Corinth. For this reason the area has been the site of several battles.

Just for the Holidays I got this crazy Idea of a scarf in Tapestry Crochet to bring you some warmth and inspired by Greek History. When patterns come to my brain I stopped and write them down, the muses are very kind some times and give me the inspiration from a story. On your Right at the side bar you will find my first Tapestry Crochet Scarf. It is a simple scarf, yet it will challenge you enough to give you a taste of Tapestry Crochet with some intermediate techniques in crochet. There are video links to help you out with color changes and FPdc and the such. I made four in very little time, so I know it will be a fantastic stocking stuffer gift. I hope that you enjoy this pattern and that you get to be playful with the colors and have fun making it your own unique scarf with left over yarn from your other projects. Pattern creation is an honor and I am happy to share this with you, thanks for stopping by.

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