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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

KoolHaas WIP

KoolHaasWIP (2)
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This is what I am up to , besides working on a Cardigan. It is the time of reckoning as I finally get the rest that I need. My father passed to spirit, and it is no sadness for me, he was a very mean spirited and abusive man. He was abusive in so many ways that you will have to look through this blog to find out, because I am able to finally close this chapter in my life. In my honor and to celebrate my life and the good that I have created in my life, even against all odds from the misery of his abuse and others, I am celebrating life and the love within my heart. Don't be misguided, I could have not survived this long without forgiveness, but not forgetting the lessons is crucial. I say forgiveness is for the victim more than for the victimizer, because you release the hold this person has on you, the anger and the past. I came to this on my own at the tender age of 33 , but this is a process that continues as you continue to live. That was my awakening and when I realized how beautiful life trully was without the burden of hate and guilt in my heart. Today at the Tender age of 50, a week after his body has been put to rest in the ground, 6 feet below,covered with concrete , where he will no longer hurt anyone else. I celebrate the little good I found in my Father and as such I hope his tortured soul rests in peace. May the Lords of Kobol judge him, because I am too biased to judge. The cycle stopped with me and for that I am very happy. Lords of Kobol Hear my prayer of Gratitude for all the good that I have been able enjoy in life despite all odds. I am no longer a survivor, I live because there is a life to life. Thanks for stopping by!