Entrelac Project Bag, lined

Entrelac Bag (1)

The bag has been lined with a beautiful red cotton flannel.  I was offered polyester and even though there are advantages to that, I really don't want polyester in my bag.It is about 90 % wool on the outside and because I used the Noro Kureyon SOck which has Nylon, that gives it a bit of Nylon in the mix.  I lined the bag before I closed the bottom, it was closed afterwards with a kitchener stitched in reverse to give it texture. I am working on the I-Cord right now.
This was and still is a fun project and is a bag I can use to carry some of my works in progress.  I will not be ashamed anymore, because I have no store bought project bags to carry my stuff around lol! The I-Cord  will be long enough to serve as handles and to close the bag as well.  I am going to borrow some of the ideas from the Dice Bag and use one of those thingies to have a nice holder for the straps to hang out.   There are holes around through which I am going to thread the I-Cord.  Hope to finish the I-Cord today, this was a very fun project and I am hoping to make a vest or two, in the meantime thanks for stopping by!
Entrelac Bag(2)

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