Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Nook Case

The Nook Case (4)
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Happy Sunday everyone and here I am on a Lazy Weekend. I wanted to crochet my Nook a Case from my Homespun and here it is. I also added some Velcro for the benefit of closing and opening the bag. I use an H hook 5mm and I used a combination of sc, and hdc all over with a border of mostly sc. I then single crochet the sides together and hand stitched the Velcro closure. The other pictures are showing you the way it works.

Here you have a bit of a Peek of how it fits inside the case.  The pattern is simple and with the homespun it hides well the fact that is uneven.  Don't take me wrong the uneven yarn was on purpose and sometimes we want to take advantage of the uneven  yarn with the stitch for texture and design.

The Nook Case (6)
I was able to compare the size as I was making it along, I did not want to make it a lot bigger or shorter, when I was done with the pattern I only had about 3 yards left of this yarn.  I do like the way it looks and how well protected it will be in the home!
The Nook Case (4)
Another view of the case and the Nook beside it.
The Nook Case (1)
When it is closed it looks a lot like a clutch, but no need to go gender discriminatory here, it is just a Nook and it needs a cover.  There are many ideas that came through my head last night.  I will have a Knit version and will probably recreate the Crochet Version and see about posting it.  Yesterday I saw a guy reading on the street with a Nook and I said to myself, I have one of those.  Thanks for stopping by!

The Nook Case (7)

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