In Every Nook there is a linning

If you thought I was done, you were too quick to judge.  Even though there is a nice case for the nook it is made out of wool and I noticed that it created Static with the silicone skin that it has.  Not to worry I made a nice  liner from some wonderful fabric I had from a Quilting group I used to belong to.  I turned the bag inside out and then went on using the fabric.  I doubled the fabric then I crimped the sides and stitched it in by hand.
The Nook Case in (2)
Here you see the liner which is only stitched  on the vertical sides, in case I need to put something inside besides the Nook.  This was something I wanted to do and an afterthought, the Nook will be inside the liner and there is space for other stuff.  Hope this helps you in your creation of a case for your E-Reader.  Two creative  postings on a Sunday is really good.
The Nook Case in (1)
Crafty Andy  can Stitch!

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