Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wabi Sabi Socks

WabiSabiSock (2)
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I finished my first sock from this modified pattern. I used the Wabi Sabi Cashmere/merino/nylon yarn and the sock is like a piece of heaven. I did use a second strand of yarn to make the heel stronger as heels are very easy to wear out, no reinforced toe this time. Getting to know socks is an amazing experience, you get to see and you get to learn what is suppose to happen, so you can pinpoint when there is a mistake on a pattern. There was a mistake on one pattern that I was working on and I let the designer know that I thought there was a mistake. I encountered the same mistake twice. On the heel no less. On the heel you can hide mistakes, because there are so many types of heels, square, round, french ,kerchief and so on. I am also excited about the book I just got. Think Outside the Sox, I am hoping to expand my knowledge and expertise in sock making to the point of creating my own sock patterns.

I have not looked at this book yet, but I am planning on looking at it tonight.  All I can tell you is that from the cover I imagine it will bring me to a place I have wanted to be.  Socks in colors  and socks that come alive are a great theme for me.  Sometimes we don't know where we are going, but definitely we know where we come from.  Along with this I am hoping to get another set of Signature DPN  Needles and if I am able to save some money for the end of the year, I am hoping to get some of Tom Bihn project and yarn bags with the clear bottom.  I have seen those and I like them a lot. They can be pricey, but compared to other bags, they are not expensive at all.  You get features like a clear bottom and a snap to secure your yarn of your work in progress.  This bags where made with the knitter and crocheter in mind.

I ordered the book from Knit Picks along with some Tools of the trade necessities, T-Pins (stainless steel) and some point protectors. Knit Picks is have a great sale on Overspun Sport Yarn look and see if you want some before is all gone.HERE is the link, the yarn is going fast. The yarn can be used in many ways, but it may twist a bit.  Great for felting or projects where it will not matter. Thanks for stopping by.

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