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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tour De Fleece

I am almost done with my ply. The music is "By Your Command", by RIchard Gobbs, for the Galactica CD . I enjoy spinning to music and watching my favorite SyFy episodes.  The act of plying is fun, but you have to be rested.  The same goes with making a single, I notice that if I am tired I become sloppy in my spinning even on a wheel.  The wheel versus the Drop Spindle.  The wheel is less work on your body, the drop spindle gives you a bit of a work out and you are not as fast, even though sometimes you can accomplish the same amount of spinning.  I am at the point of the ply which I take two singles and make them into plied yarn.  I am hoping to get another video where I am  getting this skein ready for dyeing and setting the twist at the same time.  It will be Monday soon and I need to rest. Thanks for stopping by!