Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gilroy Garlic Festival 2010

We arrived around 10 30 AM and it was getting crowded.  The trip from San Francisco is about 1.5 hours, there was not much traffic, but the line to come in was a bit on the long side.  This festival is extremely well organized.  I have never been to it until now , I can tell you it is worth going once to know and experience the Garlic Festival, it was very Hot by the time we left. 
This was one of the opportunities I had to do some spinning in public and some people asked questions which is always good.

This is going to be some nice light weight yarn, maybe lace or sport weight.
We got a program to see when things were happening and where.  There was a live Cooking  Contest that was being conducted when we went there.

Garlic Ice Cream was not my favorite, but now I can say i had some.  The garlic was ok, the taste was ok, a bit heavy with the sugar in it, but you have to experience it.
Got to meet some new People from Seattle area.  Michael knows the Lady friend from when they were in Computer School together in Southern California.
There were lots of people , lots of great food and lots of vendors with crafts.
Plumped Chickens were flying in the air, that and other blimps were around.
By the way Chef Fabio Viviani was there , he came to say hello before the announcement of the Winner.  This dish was the winner , two were runner ups.  The dish is watermelon crab meat soup with garlic of course.
I leave you with a bit of the Festival before we come back to the city where it was at least 20 degrees cooler, thanks for stopping by!

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