Friday, March 19, 2010

The Joy of Fiber

If you wonder what is this all about, is about testing, feeling different fibers.  I got this from WC Mercantile at Etsy , I have bought some great things from this lady, Stephanie, as a matter of fact my first learn to dye my own sock yarn kit was from her.
These wools are very great to touch and unless you feel them you would not know what you are getting into.
Now this lower part of this posting is dedicated to other fibers, non animal fibers.  Tricky is animal, but not from their hair, wool, but Milk Fiber .Can you believe it?.  It is very Soft, there will e a video later.
Today’s Milk fiber is environmentally friendly, superior in strength and has far better qualities than man-made fibers.

Milk fiber was invented in 1930’s in Italy and America to compete wool. The fiber known as ARALAC, Lanatil, Merinova all different brands for the same fiber manufactured from milk casein fell victim to their minor flaws and the war.Some of the advantages of milk fiber :

*  Milk fiber adopts continues graft copolymerization techniques. The producing process has no effect on environment and formaldehyde in the products is zero. So milk fiber can be considered as ‘green product’.

*  Milk fiber is a new synthetic fiber, which adopts milk protein as main material and high-technical process. Milk fiber has the advantages natural fiber combined with synthetic fiber. Milk fiber PH is 6.8 which is the same to human skin. Milk fiber contains seventeen amino-acids and natural anti-bacterial rate is above eighty percent. So milk fiber has sanitarian function.

*  Dyeing stuff for milk fiber is reactive, acid or cationic dyes. Milk fiber is made from milk casein, instead of fresh milk.

Here you have bamboo, carbonized on the left and regular bamboo on the right, very soft, but tricky to spin.
There are more pictures coming on later with my New toy, a gift to my 50 years of living on this planet and hopefully 50 more doing crafts and having fun.  Thanks for stopping by

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