Friday, March 19, 2010

As The Fiber Turns

Well Crafty Andy has become more Crafty at nearly his 50th Birthday, not until next month, I am 49.8999 years old lol.  I  got a nice Wheel to become more of an Artisan of the Fiber Kind. This is another journey along with my spindle that will be a lot of fun. I am very Happy to enter this second part of my life as an Fiber Artist. SonataDbTreadle
Today I got some delicious fiber from Milk Protein, bamboo and all kinds of wool which is below and more on the previous post.  I like the double treadle of this wheel.   It is more comfortable.  A wheel is a different kind of machine let me tell you.  You need to make it your pet and be nice to it and it will give you lots of pleasure in time.

Now looking forward to creating yarn . Crafty Andy has moved to the Dark Side. Making yarn will be a lot of fun as I get more experience, this is a portable wheel with a bag and it is very light. It could use some wheels, but is not that heavy. I am looking forward to my classes to learn more about drop spindle and wheel spinning, more about plying, navajo plying, joins and the rest of all that jazz..
CraftyAndySpins (2)
I hope you come with my in my life's journey of a Fiber Artist as I get into my golden years and become , I hope a teacher of the craft.  Thanks for allowing me in your home.  Thanks for stopping by!

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