Friday, February 19, 2010

Tauron Felted Clogs

Here you see what the clog looks like before felting. One of the things that I did and you can see in my previous postings is a felting swatch. I was able to felt the swatch by hand, so I knew this will felt nicely.
The first time I saw a pair of these clogs was at the Men's Fall West Coast Knitting Retreat and knew I had to make them . It took me some time , but here they are. The Alpaca yarn form Alapaca with A Twist felts very nice. I did have to make sure that I weent through all the stitches with some extra yarn. This pattern calls for worsted weight and the green was DK, you could see the difference. The brown felted very nice without any assistance from me.One thing happened though, one of the slippers was felting and shrinking faster than the other, so I took the one that was the size I wanted out and continue to felt . They came out same size. I did use a front Loader with two pairs of jeans. I used one of those zippered pillow cases and that is here the slippers went. This is the end result of about an hour or so of felting. I am very pleased with the result. I will be adding some suede slipper soles next week, by which time the will be very dry. Thanks for stopping by.

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