Elephants et Nikon D3000

Originally uploaded by Crafty Andy
The Nikon D3000 is a great entry level Camera they say. I find that it is a very interesting Camera. It has no Liuve View, but do not let that stop you from enjoying this camera. I have not bought a SLR camera in a very long time, I believe my first SLR was a bought at Fort Lewis Camera Shop. It was a Minolta and I was in love with that camera. I do enjoy the live View of the subject you are trying to get, but the view finder is good enough, as you can review your pictures. I think this is a great camera that will bring lots of enjoyment to my life, I may have to lower the Resolution for uploading. The camera is worth the money in my opinion. It is my Second Birthday Present, but the first one to arrive lol. I will pay this off in a few months, no interest and no payment for 6 months is a nice feature. Thanks for stopping by and look forward to great pictures.


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