August 09 Projects and More

Welcome to the month of August 09. This month brings exciting projects for me. Some are WIP and some are being reinvented as the hat below. I am re making the hat in a different way, or rather taking the hat from this point on and doing something very different.
I may just undo the hat and redo it , we shall see, I may use one end of the skein and combine it with the other and thus creating a Color Stranded project which will be remarkable.

I have had this yarn since November last year and I have been wanting to make these mittens and Hat ever since. I got the urge to purchase the pattern the other day and here it is for this month.

Here is one project that has been lingering since last November as well, so I am picking it up and finishing this project this month.

I am also making a cozy for my cell phone, a gratifying quick project with a double strand of Lionbrand Chenille.

Thanks for stopping by.


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