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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pegasus Cameleon Cap

So here we are trying to make this a successful mission for the Pegasus Crew. I try to use the Eye of Jupiter Colorway yarn that I made the other day, but the yarn is too thin for this project. I fought this pattern with the other yarn, I casted on about 10 times in different ways. Long tail cast -on, at least 3 times, one crochet cast on, a different crochet cast on, the yarn that made it possible was this homespun Ozark and Lamb's Pride. I am going to make this hat, can you imagine my reputation lol!
Here I am with a .75 inch or so knit up and using a marker that I received from Admiral IYN. I am hoping to have this hat finish very quickly. I am hoping it will boost the moral around here, at least mine lol! Thanks for stopping by!
By the way flickr is bunkers today.

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