Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Dradis Skull Cap then Life

The Dradis Hat or Skull Cap is inspired by the New Re-Imagined Series of Battlestar Galactica. It is a pattern that I will be releasing later on and is done on DPNS. These two hats have the same cast on , but the gauge is different because the yarn is a bit different. The blue Dradis Skull Cap is about 6 stitches per inch 132 stitches at the beginning of the basket weave ,and the Patriotic multicolor is about 4.25 stitches per inch. and the second Dradis Hat has 96 stitches. I am amazed at the learning experience that knitting can be. Here I am using a different yarn with the same size of needles, but about 3 inches from the top I measure my gauge and decide how many stitches the basket weave will have, 3, 4 or whatever is needed to reach the size to fit the head. When I make a hat for someone it is custom fit. You can always buy a hat anywhere, but it will not be custom fit to your head like mine are. lol!

I am busy with things and having some challenges, but life continues and my joy continues. It will be almost 5 years next month since I started blogging. I will not bore you at this time with personal stuff, but you have seen my life open as a book, almost an open book. I will only say that I love my life and I love living it to the fullest.

Someone close to me is going through a personal crisis because they feel they have no purpose in life. I guess I never went through that phase in my life because as long as there is a road ahead of me I walk, and sometimes you have to make a road by taking a step. Yet you need to live life because YOU HAVE IT, there is no special reason to live , but to have fun the best way you can. Meet people, learn from others, teach, experience life, I am no Buddhist or have any religion that may be classified by human standards, but I can tell you that I need no special reason to be kind to someone, or that I need no special reason to enjoy myself. I need no mandate from a higher power to know that I am doing something good or bad, I don't even need an inner voice to tell me when that is happening either. There is a higher power, consciousness or whatever I or you want to name it that is in care of us, but I will tell you that if that power or being has more intelligence and power than me, then we are being kept by good beings. To those of you who waste time suffering take a hold of your life an take charge, you can change your life by living to the fullest of your abilities. Live because you have life not because you will get something after this life is over, be good for goodness sake, not because you will be rewarded, because you will be rewarded by your intentions not your actions.
People get all confused because of our Religions and believe me God or the Gods where here before religions and will be here after this modern religions become a thing of the past. Have you ever thought that you are like the God or Gods of heaven when you paint, when you speak forth , when you sleep, when you are kind to a stranger. Be well my friends and give life the Best you have and remember there are no defeats, everything is a victory. Life has its ups and downs, but you can ride that roller coaster, just let go of the control. So Say We All.

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