Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mosaic Knitting, Square 9

Mosaic knitting is not unlike Fair Isle or what we Americans know as Color Stranding. The materials are the same, the techniques that is a different story. I was able to get gauge by allowing myself to be relaxed. Still this square will relax some more once it is blocked. I am really loving the cotton idea, I mean using cotton for a throw, which will be washable, but not very warm.
I am hoping that I use all the cotton I have on this project. I am not home so you do not have the beautiful Bamboo background that I have used n the other Squares, still this square s more beautiful in reality than in pictures. I hope to inspire you to use cotton and to Learn to Knit with this book, no matter if you are a new knitter or an experienced one. These squares take patience and take sometimes more than one casting on to reach gauge, which is very important. Hopoe to see you during the weekend withmore adventures inknitting and maybe some knitting in public pictures as well. Thaks for stopping by!

1 comment:

Bernard Dauphinais said...

I love mosiac knitting (I'm currently working on a bedside rug in a mosaic pattern, using super-chunky yarn on #11 needles).
That's going to be a such a wonderful blanket, CA.

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