KIP Carolina, Puerto Rico

It is nice to be able to knit in Public no matter where you go, crochet for tat matter as you always get people that are curious about what you are doing. One of the most interesting things I have found is the ability of double point needles to attract the attention of people. I guess most people think of knitting on two needles or crochet with one hooked needle. Hope you are doing great and thanks for stopping by, more pictures to come> Thanks for stopping by.


naomi said…
are you knitting with cotton since it's so warm there ?
CraftyAndy said…
It is definitely aplace for nylon, cotton and bamboo and thatis what I am using
naomi said…
no sheep for you ;)
Edwin said…
KIP in Puerto Rico takes a lot of courage.  I have not been there since 1981.  I have started to knit in public and I just get people walking by without saying anything.  But I do get a womam or man that come up and start a conversation on what I'm knitting and we go from there.  I always knit in the summer with cotton.  I was ask to make a baby blanket this week and using the diagonal blanket pattern, but I'm adding the baby feets pattern on the corner.  Are you going to WWKIP day in June? Keep on knitting.

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