Friday, May 29, 2009

Square 10 Learn to Knit Afghan

This is square number 10 and one solid color and one variegated color. Mosaic knitting is one of the most interesting ways of knitting and you get to have the chance to see when it is done correctly. The stitch is very defined and I will tell you that I really like mosaic knitting. It is easy and it gives you texture and color. When you learn what you are doing and how it is suppose to look you do have a great stitch. This is a very relaxed stitch, you can not go for a tight gauge because it will become deformed. I have more to share and maybe a VLOG about mosaic knitting, I will say Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lords Of Kobol hear my prayer

I have been on vacation for a few days and I have been blessed with a glimpse of the understanding of life and a moment of clarity is what is needed. This tattoo is in representation of the Galactica Series and my gift to myself commemorating my entrance into the 50th Year of my life when next year will be culminating by the end of April 2010. I am blessed because I have embraced life to the fullest and I am not afraid to live or to die. I am living in the now which is all we have.In the past day or so my experience with death, not mine , but of my niece's fiance. has been a bit hard. Life is so brief and we waste so much time trying to find the meaning of life instead of living it. He needed to find myself, here is Angel with his daughter the day before his departure to the world of spirit. He went before his time and fast, he did not even know what happened. It breaks my heart such waste of life because of being careless, but I won't judge him, he will do that himself when he goes in front of the gods to evaluate his life. For those of you that don't know it, I am a seer. I see spirit and when we went to where the accident was there he was, standing by his body not knowing what happened. He was in Limbo, that sometimes happens when people die unexpectedly. Don't worry he is protected and will be guided toward the light in time, we are the ones left in pain, for him there is no more pain or suffering, may he find what he was looking for. You are loved !

That day I had a great time kayaking with them and my niece at the Bioluminescent Lagoon at Cabezas de San Juan in Fajardo Puerto Rico. I shall remember that day as such. This was such fun, I recommend it to everyone that is in shape or at least is half in shape. It can be a rough ride believe me, it is not for the weak. The currents can be string and it is hard on your body. There is no death only the transformation of matter. Live my friends and love to the fullest. may the Lords of Kobol have Mercy on our souls, so say we all. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 22, 2009

KIP Carolina, Puerto Rico

It is nice to be able to knit in Public no matter where you go, crochet for tat matter as you always get people that are curious about what you are doing. One of the most interesting things I have found is the ability of double point needles to attract the attention of people. I guess most people think of knitting on two needles or crochet with one hooked needle. Hope you are doing great and thanks for stopping by, more pictures to come> Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mosaic Knitting, Square 9

Mosaic knitting is not unlike Fair Isle or what we Americans know as Color Stranding. The materials are the same, the techniques that is a different story. I was able to get gauge by allowing myself to be relaxed. Still this square will relax some more once it is blocked. I am really loving the cotton idea, I mean using cotton for a throw, which will be washable, but not very warm.
I am hoping that I use all the cotton I have on this project. I am not home so you do not have the beautiful Bamboo background that I have used n the other Squares, still this square s more beautiful in reality than in pictures. I hope to inspire you to use cotton and to Learn to Knit with this book, no matter if you are a new knitter or an experienced one. These squares take patience and take sometimes more than one casting on to reach gauge, which is very important. Hopoe to see you during the weekend withmore adventures inknitting and maybe some knitting in public pictures as well. Thaks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Knit in Public Quebradillas

I was at a court house earlier waiting in the waiting room and before I left a lady approached me. "I had to come over and see what you were doing", she said, I have never seen anyone with so many needles and I want to have the opportunity to see this before you left and ask you what you are making.
So I explained to her and others what I was making, a square that will become a hat, that may become a pair of sock if the casting and knitting was different. I gave her a little bit of a class on how to cast one, and knit on dpns, how to increase. She said that with what I just showed her she may try to figure it out at home. What a great Lady! Later on on the road to San Juan on PR 2 Old Military Highway, I sat down to knit in public at a souvenier shop! Thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

LTKA Square 8 (Happy Mother's Day)

This is called the Rose Fabric and it starts the Color Knitting of this book. It is the prelude to Mosaic knitting, it is done with the Knit , Knit 1 Below. This is a very interesting fabric and very light. I was very surprise at the lightness of the fabric. I was able to reach my gauge , but I had to recast once.
The Rose Fabric is a lovely airy fabric that will make a beautiful blanket. I will be making more postings after Mother Day! I will be visiting my mother and wishing her a Happy Mother's Day personally this year. I hope all the Mothers out there Have a great Mother's Day Thanks for stopping by!

For Jason

Monday, May 04, 2009

Jason Comrfort Afghan

Jason is a young Man living in Europe that belongs to Men who Knit Website and belongs to all of us in a way. Jason was found to have testicular cancer , went into chemo and his cancer has spread. Life does not look very good to Jason, it reminds me of that saying "When bad things happen to good people". So young, such a waste of life, he does not want any more chemo. I understand, yet I want to give him my love and hold him in my arms and tell him is all right Jason if you want to go home you can. We will take care of you, but all I can do is make some squares and send him my prayers that his death if it comes because of this has meaning for us.

These are squares about life, so I chose life colors, Gryffindor Squares, one crochet, two knit. My friends live Life to the Fullest, live today as tomorrow is not here yet. If you want to contribute go to the Men Who Knit . Com website or the group on Ravelry. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 01, 2009

LTKA Square 7

Hi everyone and welcome to May. Besides that Mercury is retrograde for most of May life is good. When Mercury is retrograde communications break down, and there is a breakdown of equipment, electronics and such. It is also a great time to review contracts, fix equipment and get channels of communication cleared. Now back to Knitting lol!
I was able to match my gauge once more in this Learn to Knit Afghan Square 7. What a beautiful square, it has twisted purl and knit stitches and regular as well. It shows you the garter stitch versus the ribbing in a very clear way. The Beauty of one of the sides is amazing. I did not dare to call any side right and wrong because both sides are beautiful.

Here is the other side. The main difference is the edge made by the travelling back loop stitch it actually frames this square beautifully . Hope we can keep on learning and showing you this squares every week. Since I am going to visit some relatives for a couple of weeks there may be few postings in the next 3 weeks or so, but I shall return. In the meantime I will do my best to do postings every two or three days until the middle of June and see if we can get this afghan finished. lol!

Thanks for stopping by.

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