That Malabrigo Hat

I may put this Pattern for sale or I may not. I am Calling it the Amsterdam Sonnetto, it is done as of today, but now I am making the testing model and the pattern to be published soon. The pattern is very simple and the other hat which I am testing this pattern as is made , is in two colors. In a sense is a Tapestry Crochet and in another sense you can make it just one color, or you can make the bottom part with two different colors of yarn. I say it is as versatile as you are creative. Well Hope you like the pictures it was fun taking them. Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said…
Wow, the colors are so gorgeous!!!! I totally LOVE that last pic of you!

Anonymous said…
Oh I have just found your wonderful blog, and spent over an hour looking at your do put me to shame for sure...and I have got my old ancient crochet books out from my mum in the early 70s to try out some fabalicious have inspired me..thank you!! Su :=)
Love this hat!!! and the colors are fantastic too!
KimT said…

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