Some Prime Rib and a New Hat

So here I am making a knitted scarf from the Malabrigo Loro Barranquero, I love Malabrigo and the names they come up with. It is made in the Brioche Stitch and let me tell you that I had the hardest of time to get this stitch right. This pattern in particular is called the Berlin Scarf, but let me tell you there is something not quite correct about the pattern, mainly the instructions. I had made and remade this little portion of the scarf about 10 times. It took the help of a fellow Crocheter , namely Cloudy Crochet and she explains it well, nothing cloudy about her. You can find her Brioche Explained HERE. I am in my way to my second inch of a good looking Brioche Scarf. There are no yarn overs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This that you see in green is my newest hat and there is a pattern for the hat, not the color pattern, but how to make the exact shape. This will allow you to take advantage of the hat's make-up to create your own design. I have added some beautiful soft yarn to the bottom of the hat, but you will not see this until a day or two. Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said…
I love the colors on the scarf!
Anonymous said…
This yarn is called Loro Barranquero, is a beatiful colorway!
Anonymous said…
This is getting to be more fun

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