Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy 2009

The Holidays for me last until the 6 th of January. As a kid we would go on the 5th of January and get a shoe box and fill it up with grass cuttings and set a bowl of water and the shoe box under the bed, next day the Three Kings have left us gifts under the bed. They came while we were asleep in the middle of the night. The camels ate the grass and had some water. Sometimes it seems so pagan and maybe it is, an offering to the Gods of Kobol! I just think itis fun for the kids to do!
I embraced the new year with lots of positive things happening. Before I forget, in the video I show you some of my Christmas gifts. Christmas was very nice and full of surprises as always. I have been a bit lazy in my blogging and there has not been much to blog about. Sometimes we do make this blogging connection with the world and I come into your life and you wonder what's up with this guy?
Some health issues have been resolving which is always good to hear. So the new year starts with healing and feelings of abundance and gratitude for everything we have, and for the Universe being able to fulfill all our dreams and desires.
I have been setting up my New Computer which is where I am blogging from, twice as much memory which is great for videos and pictures, lots of disc space, and a good Flat Screen so that I am able to see once again lol! I got a nice Dell Vostro 420, with free upgrades and free shipping, what else can you ask?
So I will be sharing more with you later this month as I get the ball rolling as they say with some of my works in progress which I have been working on for a very long time lol. Have a wonderful 2009 and thanks for stopping by!


naomi said...

Glad to see you're doing well, I was worried.
I can't believe you were blowing bubbles, I just finished looking at this website, and then came over to your blog. I see we're still on the same page :)
Great gifts too.

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad things are good with you. I was beginning to worry. LOL, I LOVE blowing bubbles!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2009 to you too Andy! :) I can't wait to see what wonderful contributions you will make to the crafting world this year!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!! Wanted to stop by and see what you had planned for 2009. Love your Alchemy yarn it looks so rich and vibrant. Can't wait to see what unfolds from you this year.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

Happy 2009 Andy. I shall be looking forward to seeing more of your creative projects this year.

I hope that any health issues continue to improve.

So glad that you are keeping well and had a good Christmas and New Year.

Faluche said...

Happy 2009 !
How many hat do you have exactly by now ? ;-)
Crafty Andy is the best ! Keep up the crochet hook
greetz from Belgium,

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