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A Hat and More Hats and More ...

One of the things that I like about Crochet and Knitting is the fact that I am always learning. There are so many things I have not done that I want to do. That reminds me I owe a Meme to Riohnna, don't worry I will have to remember to make space for it later. The hat above was gifted to me byDeneen, she always does wonderful work and it fits like a glove. Actually like a comfy glove. It is very soft and even in San Francisco, we appreciate the warmth of a nice Wool hat once in a while. So what you see above is the yarn that my Partner at the MWK scarf Exchange gave me and I am making a hat to match the scarf. I was looking for male designers and I found a very talented man. His name is Danny and you can find him here at and you can also find him in Ravelry Here . That is his designer profile. I don't want my lady friends to think that I am discriminating lol!, it is not my style. Why did I chose his de…

MWK Scarf Exchange

This is the scarf that I got in the exchange of the Men Who Knit. The pictures do little justice to the wonderful colorway of Malabrigo and the wonderful Scarf that my partner made. Roderick Mobley did a great job!
He included a Season's greetings Card from the Windy City and enough yarn for what you said? You got that right I am making a Hat with the extra yarn lol! Well Don't worry I have ways of giving my hats away to charity when they are too many. Thanks for stopping by and let's see what trouble I can get into later on this week. Thanks for stopping by!

Happy 2009

The Holidays for me last until the 6 th of January. As a kid we would go on the 5th of January and get a shoe box and fill it up with grass cuttings and set a bowl of water and the shoe box under the bed, next day the Three Kings have left us gifts under the bed. They came while we were asleep in the middle of the night. The camels ate the grass and had some water. Sometimes it seems so pagan and maybe it is, an offering to the Gods of Kobol! I just think itis fun for the kids to do!
I embraced the new year with lots of positive things happening. Before I forget, in the video I show you some of my Christmas gifts. Christmas was very nice and full of surprises as always. I have been a bit lazy in my blogging and there has not been much to blog about. Sometimes we do make this blogging connection with the world and I come into your life and you wonder what's up with this guy?
Some health issues have been resolving which is always good to hear. So the new year starts with h…