Hats, Bags and a Men's Retreat

This is my Baroque Christmas Hat WIP, it is done with Cervinia Sock yarn and F hook .
This one is called the Palermo Sun, which I am writing the pattern as I go,it is a pattern for the daring and it will be fantastic, I will be sharing it here and on Ravelry!
Here is what I am doing with the Sari Silk Yarn, with another strand of wool. Sari Silk yarn is very pretty, but it is not the easiest yarn to make a pattern with. SO I grabbed this Pattern Cables and Bobbles Patchwork Shoulder Bag from HERE and modified to serve my needs. I started the pattern with a bottom in crochet, then I picked up the stitches and I am knitting up and around. This pattern is made for straight needles, I am using four sets of #10 US circulars.
Finally you see the Men Who Knit West Coast Fall Knitting Retreat bag for 2008! I will keep you up to date later on and maybe there will be some videos next week. In the meantime I want to thank you for stopping by!


Unknown said…
Hi! Just want to tell you that I love your blog! And I'm waiting for adult surprise jacket to be finished!
Crafty Andy said…
I will be working on one of those Next January!
Anonymous said…
Gorgeous hat, Andy! Do you need my address?? LOL!

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