Cabled Bag WIP

This is one of my Knitted Projects. I am De-Stashing will you believe that? I can spend some money in yarn if I am giving it away or have a specific project for it. In the meantime I am De-Stashing by making useful items and some gifts. The Sari Recycled Yarn is a very hard yarn to deal with. It is silk, so you know iit is very strong, but anything made with it on it's own does not look classy. There are exceptions of Course I have seen a little cute bag from Jen Loves 2 Knit HERE that looks very nice. The shawls and the vests just do not have an appeal to me. Unless I have a project that includes other yarn I would not purchase Recycled or Not Recycled Sari Silk Yarn again. It is heavy, very pretty to look at and soft, but it loves to tangle.

This bag is made using two strands of Yarn, one Of Sari Silk Yarn and the Other one is Hand Dyed Wool. So this bag is based on a model that I found on the Internet, yet Once you discover how to knit on the round you really want to keep on knitting on the round with as little purls as possible lol! I have adapted this pattern to fit my needs. The bottom of this bag is made with a J Hook, 6 mm and it is made on the round as well using the technique that people use to make the soles of some slippers and booties. I have this Wool that I bought from EBay about 2 years ago and I am de-stashing, shades of orange , yellow and blues, I am almost done with the orange shades, I am half way done with this bag and definitely making I-Cord Handles and lining the inside. I think that once I made the lining I will make and I -Cord border to help hide the stitching of the liner.
I am not doing the cables without a cable needle, because I have two yarns to deal with at the same time lol. RC is a cable that you put your stitches to rest on the rear, and LC is a cable to you put your stitches to rest on the front of the work. Without knowing I am becoming a bit of an expert on cabling. I will let this project rest for maybe a day or so and back to my crochet. I am working on a Tapestry Crochet Hat pattern that I am testing with some of my cyber friends. "The Palermo Sun", I always name my hats. Thanks for stopping by!


naomi said…
The bag is looking really good !
Kyle William said…
I'm confused - are you using just the sari silk yarn for this project or have you mixed it with something else? it's BEAUTIFUL the way you're knitting it - I have a LOT of sari yarn at home and I'd love to dinf something fun to make with it...
Crafty Andy said…
NO I am using two strands of yarn, one is wool and the other one is the sari silk!

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