Friday, October 24, 2008

Christmas Barroque o Navidad Barroca

Tapestry Crochet at it's best. I really like this hat, it has been an interesting journey, as even though I am following a chart, I had to improvise for crochet and it came across as Poinsettias instead of Northern Stars lol! It looks very nice. Tapestry Crochet is a more complex kind of crochet.

This is a side view of the hat as I am observing the real poinsettias, can you tell the difference?

The back of the hat is very cool, I created the top with the Tapestry Crochet Technique and then when I reached the third Surface Crochet I decided to pick up the stitches with a knitting circular needle and go with gusto. The Pattern follows a nice simple stockinette with alternating of reds, greens and white. Then I used the three yarns at once for a couple of rows. I actually finished it with the three strands, but did not like the way it look. So it was frogged up to two lines of using the three yarns and used just the green to finish the hat. I Bound off with and I-Cord Bind off and it looks lovely. The yarns red and green are Cervinia Calzzetteria (these are sock yarns), and the white is Lambs Pride. It needs to be blocked and if it wasn't for the lambs Pride white yarn it would have been a toss in the washer. There are more hats on the working, my creativity juices are flowing, thanks for stopping by and get into the Holiday Spirit! Ho Ho Ho!


Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS hat, Andy!!

naomi said...

Andy, your hats are really, really fantastic !!
This one is sooo festive, I started to sing "Jingle Bells"(lol)

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