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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Celtic Sun A Tapestry Crochet Adventure

I am inspired by my Barcelona Gothic Sun Hat to Reach out into the Ethers and come out with the Celtic Sun Hat. This is a very Intricate Pattern it is based on the power of 8 at the beginning and then I keep adding some stitches after the Horizontal edge, with the brown yarn until I come up with about 115 stitches. There is a science to this and is that I want to work with multiple of fives after I am done with the crown's edge. This Hat is made with Berroco Bonsai Bamboo, very lovely yarn for crocheting with a metal hook. A metal hook is very convenient for this kind of yarn as it is very smooth
This picture above is showing a cross cable between the two green edges, the one Cable crossing behind is brown while the one in front is green. Then I follow with another brown row and I start the Celtic Heavenly Sky. I let this hats take a rest, as I tell everyone, these hats, the yarn and the hook tell me a story and I allow the story to come out. Thanks for stopping by!


Deneen said...

Terrific hat and I like the colors. Maybe someday, sigh, you can write up the pattern so those of us who are mathematically challenged can make one (LOL).

Phyllis T. said...

Just stopping by to say I love your new hat so far. YOu are so right a metal hook with that yarn is like crocheting through butter. Can't wait to see it completed and love the colorway you chose.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Andy! I am quite envious of your mathematic powers!