Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Alfie

This is the Alfie a sideways Hat, it is made flat and it uses short rows . At the end, when you are done with the hat you will use a type of Kitchener stitch to sew the hat together. Personally I did not know how much fun I would have making these hats from Woolly Wormhead . Com . let me tell you if you want to learn new things and have some nice hats in the end, this is the booklet for you. Here below you will see the place where the hat has been joined together with Kitchener stitch. I wore the hat backwards on purpose so that you can see the invisible seam. I did not like this Lopi-Lite or Lite-Lopi 100% Virgin Wool to begin with, but as I was shaping the hat I realized what a beautiful colorway and texture this yarn has. What does Crafty Andy do with so many hats? Sometimes I sell them, sometimes I donate them, but I definitely wear them to make sure they are comfortable.
I am working on some crochet, there will be some pictures tomorrow, it is another hat. I also have some Christmas Themed Yarns in Bamboo and a beautiful Project for the Holiday Season and Winter. This to be revealed later this week. Thanks for stopping by!

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Kyle William said...

I love this hat (and it's my favorite color!) :)

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