One Noro Down One to Go

What a great experience it has been to make my own socks. I had to modified the original pattern a bit, just because it is a bigger pattern. The pattern was for 64 stst and I did 72, because my feet are big and I knit tight. The Kitchener stitch ended up with 10 stitches on each side instead of 8, and I did two double decreases which the pattern does not call for. In the end the sock is about 90 percent a copy of the pattern suggested by Nenah Galati. I did have the opportunity to watch the DVD two or three times as I was turning the heel, and doing the toe decreases. Nothing like having a teacher in your living room. I started the second sock right away, because I know how hard it is for some people. Here is the profile of the Sock, the heel is gorgeous and I am waiting to get some sock blockers (if they are plastic) to block the socks, otherwise I won't really care. My next Sock project will be to make two socks at a Time with Nenah Galati , Noro and my Addi Turbos, One of the needles is gold and the other is Silver, really big help when you are dealing with four needles. Sometimes is hard to see which needle belongs to what, but when they have two colors it is very easy. Well I am very proud of myself. I want to thank Bill Jones for his encouragement. I want to thank Wendy for her continues inspiration knitting socks, Wendy You Rock! thanks for stopping by!


Krystal said…
Good work! I love it, it looks perfect. Aren't heels the best? :)
Crafty Andy said…
Heels rock, I just enjoy seeing it coming to life, I will see how I enjoy making them on short rows.
Anonymous said…
That is gorgeous! Love the way the colors blend.
Deneen said…
The colorway is beautiful-how do you like working with the Noro Sock yarn????
Crafty Andy said…
Noro is a wonderful yarn, I will definitely buy it again. It dries your hands so the Shea Butaah that I bought from you (Deneen) has helped a lot. Noro is expensive, but the colorway is gorgeous. Next time I will buy two skeins and make two pairs of socks, it is worth the money. I will block them and wear them to see how they wear. I am almost done with the second sock lol!

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