In Between Seasons Cap

This hat is made with the same left over yarn from the skein that I made the Reverser Cap . I was very pleased to see that it was possible o make two caps with the same yarn. This is the first time I used Cascade Yarn and I will tell you that I love this yarn. I cut the yarn too short in one area to do the Kitchener's stitch, so I cut another piece and fused them together. I love good Wool!
The cap was a bit longer once it has was blocked. I was able to cable without a cable needle (Thanks to Krystopher). Some of the wonderful techniques that you will get to practice with this pattern here are:

LT Left Twist
RT Right Twist
ssk slip (as if to purl) slip (as if to purl), then knit two together
K2 tog knit 2 together
Kitchener Stitch
Picking up stitches

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