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Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Noro Sock Pair

My first pair of Noro Socks and it will not be my last. I have to learn more about making socks and about blocking them. The Wool feels very nice on my feet and I will tell you that I was able to fuse part of the yarn to have a no weaving at one area. It worked, Noro may be fused with a bit of work on the hands. My next Noro Project may be two socks on two circulars and I don't know if I want to make them with short row heels or not. I figure you can do the Heels until you need to turn a point and then put one of the socks on double points or on another pair of two circulars and work both heels the same way. I will make some like that just to see how they are made.
I am going to put this through the washer in cold water. To tell you the truth I went ahead and put them in the dryer for 7 minutes just to give them a shock, it went fine. I am working on creating or modifying short row heels in stockinette. I just don't like the look of garter stitch short rows on the heel of a sock. Maybe when I make one pair like that I will be able to appreciate the heel. Thanks for stopping by!


Krystal said...

Love them! And no second sock syndrome. :) yay!

Andy's Crafts said...

I guess I will never suffer the second sock syndrome from now on. I want to wear them lol! I am practicing short row stockinette and see what it looks like. I washed them and they feel fantastic.

Kyle Kunnecke said...

they're beautiful! I LOVE how they sort of match but don't - you always make such nice things!

I love noro because of its unpredictability!!!!

Calvin said...

Nice socks, Andy. I love the colors.