Autmn Hats and Socks

I do crochet, I swear I do, just not in the mood to crochet even though I do have a Tapestry Crochet Project on the WIP, it is my own pattern. I will have to be in the mood and in the space to work on it.
My Noro Sock was wonderful and I even put it in the washer in warm water, it did well. Talking about socks I have done a lot of research and will continue , I am working on a pair of Ankle hi socks right now. This is what I am working on and I will have some links for you later. There are a lot of very helpful people that now a lot about the building blocks of socks, I plan to be one of them. I will have to say that about 2 years ago I bought all this yarn to make socks and until now I have not been able to grab the yarn and go for it. I will have to say that I feel the experience I have gotten along the way have prepared me to make socks. I have some great Noro for myself for a Christmas Gift to myself.

Cervinia is a very interesting yarn for socks and I bought different kinds of colors. I am hoping to make the ankle hi sock with this skein. I manage to do 64 stitches and have a nice relax gauge. We shall see how the sock wears once it is blocked. Talking about blocking socks, people are crazy they want $11 to $20 for a piece of plastic. The only set I would say I would not mind spending money on is a pair of Acrylic Sock blockers that are also gauge meter, they are hand made. I may show you later how to make one out of a plastic covered hanger.
Along the yarns for socks, or that I thought I was going to use for socks was this Lopi Lite, very rough, I am using it to make the Alfie Hat from the Woolly Wormhead Hats. In the meantime I am finishing the Reverser in Mission Falls 1824 Wool. The color is nice, the wool is soft, but it is super wash merino. I originally bought this yarn for socks as well, it is worsted weight and I don't think it will felt , we shall see when I put the hat through the washer, lol, first I will block it decently. Here is a picture of the WIP. Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said…
I wash my noro socks in the washer too.
Crafty Andy said…
Hey Cheryl, I was nicely surprised that it could be done. Nothing like easy washing socks lol!

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