Livingroom Stash!

Are you brave enough to show one of your stashes of Yarn!

Thanks for stopping by!


Cheryl :) said…
Thank you for making my morning! I was having such a frustrating time with my 11 year old son and wanted to tear the walls down. I had a cup of tea and watched your tape and it made my day. Love you Andy!!
Krystal said…
Wow Andy, love the needle case! That is very nice. :)
Anonymous said…
Ciao, handsome!! I LOVE your living room stash, especially the cotton! I am SOOO drooling over that. I also wanted t say that the shirt you wore in this vid is gorgeous!
naomi said…
I'm not brave enough to show my stash !(lol)
Glad you're back !
Carole said…
Oh Andy I am one of your new admirers. I happened on you somehow from trying to learn the crochet pattern. I have looked for you yesterday and today for new lessons. They are so helpful and I feel as though I am visiting with a new yarn friend. The circular corn cap you shared on your video? Could you explain the row counter that you showed, that was red. I don't know how a yarn counter works and how it keeps track. If you would that is. Your quilted needle holder is stunning with the star pattern. I have put a link on my blog to come back and visit with you. Take care and blessings, Carole in Pennsylvania
Carole said…
Thank you Andy for your explanation. Yes, I received your posts and thank you so much. Your my first commentor. What an honor huh? As you can see I am a newbie and just getting around. I hope to get lots of pics and entries posted. Take care and again, thanks for sharing all you WIP and tips!
hugss, Carole in Pennsylvania

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