April 08 Corn on the Cap

I have been uninspired for some time. I will not say that is this yarn, but sometimes yarn gives you motivation to work with it. My life Journey has shifted and while I adjust my traveling from point A to Point B has been disrupted a little bit. lol! I have to laugh, humor is what keeps me sane in life! This ribbon yarn by Cornucopia, I believe is the yarn name is not the friendliest of yarns in my opinion. It is very elastic though and it is what I will describe as springy. This yarn is good for making bags and maybe hats, but I guess is better for knitting than crocheting. . I am hoping that in a day or two I will have a video showing you the properties of this yarn and showing you my Tapestry Crochet Work in Progress. I want to Thank You for stopping by!


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