Sunday, April 27, 2008

Castro Street Spring 2008

A walk by 19th Street from Dolores Park and Presto we are in the Gay District of San Francisco, aka "The Castro" Spring 2008!
San Francisco's gay village is most concentrated in the business district that is located on Castro Street from Market Street to 19th Street. It extends down Market Street toward Church and on both sides of the Castro neighborhood from Church Street to Eureka Street. Although the greater gay community was, and is, concentrated in the Castro many gay people live in the surrounding residential areas bordered by the Mission District, Noe Valley, Twin Peaks, and Haight-Ashbury neighborhoods. Some consider it to include Duboce Triangle and Dolores Heights which both have a strong LGBT presence.
Castro Street itself runs south through Noe Valley, crossing the 24th Street business district, and terminating a few blocks farther south as it moves toward the Glen Park neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

It must be so wonderful to live in such a culturally diverse place, Andy. I have grown up in NH my whole life, and thankfully I have always been surrounded by open minded, culturally diverse individuals. But we do lack a huge sense of cultural experiences here. To get a sense of culture we need to travel to Boston or similar areas. I really love all your videos about where you live, and your travels, etc. Thanks for sharing!

Crafty Andy said...

Thanks for those words. I grew Up in Puerto Rico and most people can't seem to think beyound the physical boundaries of the Island. That's why I am here at Starfleet Headquarters lol!

Krystal said...

That really is great that you live in such a culturally diverse place. I live in Columbus, Ohio, and it's kind of diverse, but not nearly as much as there. It looks absolutely beautiful there. :) Thanks for sharing the video with us!

naomi said...

I love both videos ! You make me want to come and visit San Francisco :)
Thanks Andy, for the "mini vacation"

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