Monday, April 28, 2008

Gryffindor Meathead Hat

Just in case you thought the magic was gone. Harry Potter Keeps being alive in my life, bringing me Magical Inspiration everywhere I turn. Not to mention that I look for every opportunity to make a pattern into a Harry Potter Themed Item. The Meathead is a pattern done in one color, but it is very versatile as I was able to create a Color Stranded Design as I went along making the hat. You have to take into consideration your decreases, but color stranding gives the hat a bit of a different look I believe.

I am doing a Knit Along with this Hat, but I want to make a different Hat as always, so I have created a colorstranding model of the Meathead, making it the Gryffindor Meathead lol!

At one point when I am creating the stripes, I leave the yarn on one side and knit to the other side with the other color, change the work from left to right as If It was on DP Needles and finished the other row. This is one of the most creative Knit projects I have done as I am using many techniques I have learned. More pictures to come as I do a color Stranding on This Gryffindor that is to die for lol!

The hat is very well shaped, in this picture below it looks like there is like a wave, it is just the way it is set up for picture taking purposes. I have not blocked it yet, I will do that later tomorrow. Wow this was a very fast Knit!

This has been one of the fastest, easiest hats I have ever made. Thanks for a Great Challenge, We have an addition to the Harry Potter Collection of Hats. You can find this at Ravelry and I want to thank the Creator of the Meathead Hat Larissa Brown Kudos to You GURL!

You are suppose to embellish this with some kind of button or crafty item, I decided for the purpose of this picture I would use one of my Armed Forces Medal, Yep that is Mine, I have Three Medals and some Starfleet Pins. I dedicate this to those Soldiers Who have gone Before me. I am proud of You!


Anonymous said...

ANDY! that Meathead hat is the best I have seen!!! I hope you send a pick to Larissa!!

Anonymous said...

I love the shape of that hat! Darn, I really need to learn to knit one of these days.

Jane said...

Hi Andy. I found your blog through ravelry. I am a huge HP fan and I love to knit anything related to HP. Your hat is fantastic.

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