Tuesday, March 04, 2008

From My Other Kitchen

I was going to be sharing some of my Puertorrican cooking with you in this video, but the video got deleted due to language in the comments I did not like. I was not able to remove the people from the comments so I decided to delete the video, not a big deal. My purpose was to share some things with other people, there are lots of new things for you to look at and try. People have asked what I am serving this , this being panapen, yautia and other viandas being served with, Chicken sausage and stir vegetables like broccoli,cabbage, shredded carrots,celery and zucchini. The cooking is simple, just peeling, chopping and boiling some stir fry fir the other veggies and meat, but the end product is delicious. Tarot root is something of a staple in the Puertorrican cuisine. I want to thank you for allowing me in your home and for stopping by!


naomi said...

mmmmmmmm,looks really yummy.
It's funny, I grew up eating lots of soups that looked similar to yours, lots of root vegetables and maybe a ham bone for some added flavor. I think the old folks not only knew how to stretch a dollar, but they knew what good food was.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Andy. Your number one fan is back. Those viandas (in my town we call them verduras) look yummy. What was the dish you were making to go with the viandas? It looked very good.


StitchLuva and Yarn said...

Hi Andy, my family is from PR also and we had vianda con bacalao all the time. Your dish looks very good. What are you serving with it?

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