Circular Needle Organizer

An easy to make Circular Needle Organizer, Thanks for stopping by!


naomi said…
Andy, I swear are twins that were seperated at birth (lol)
I was just looking at "worm binders" online today for my new set of Knitpicks Harmony needles.
I think I have a binder or two around here, I think I just may use your idea. Thanks !!
Krystal said…
Wow, what a good idea! You're a genius! :)
lorrwill said…
Yep, that is what I was going to say, krystal. Andy you are definitely a crafty genius!
Cheryl :) said…
What a great idea!!!! HUGS to you!!
Ysabeau said…
Good idea, I prefer mine for my needle (for various reasons), but yours is better.

(and my english is terribly bad "french", sorry).

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