Chenille, we all go through Stages

This is the Video Camera bag that I made using three strands of chenille. As a man I find chenille is a tough material to make things for me, but if you choose the right color combination, you can give anything a masculine look, lol! I will be having a Video presentation this weekend of my finish objects, and some of my works in progress. In the video you will see the full functionality of this bag, plus I will give you an explanation of the two Crochet Styles that I used to make this bag.

This below is a work in progress. I am working on a Tunisian Crochet Lapghan using those same there strands of material. In my mind feels like "Finally I found something useful for this chenille yarn besides making a Teddy Bear." Hilarious , but very crafty!

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Deneen said…
I like it. You know, the linked treble crochet is a wonderful stitch for making a denser fabric-I'm thinking about a pattern using that stitch for a tote bag.
April said…
Nice bag, Andy. I'm on a huge bag kick lately and I can't get enough of them! I've never used chenille before. I have been tempted but I don't know what to make out of it. You've lit that fire under me though to get some!
Anonymous said…
I love the bag, Andy!
Anonymous said…
Dude! I have chosen you to recieve the You Make My Day Award, on my blg!

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