Honorable Ravenclaw Scarf, (HAT WIP)

I have finished my Honorable Ravenclaw House Scarf. I just added the fringe. I used my own Pattern which can be found HERE and it is a general House Scarf, you can make it in any of the house colors. I was able to make this scarf in a week. I think the longest time I spent on it was blocking it. This is my Christmas Gift to myself along with a Hat and a Harry Potter Watch!
The hat is a WIP and I believe I may be done with it today, then I will block it. I am planning to make another Ravebclaw Hat with the Color Stranding technique and or Fair Isle technique, let's see how that works. I will also be working on my Gryffindorf Scarf in the next week or so, that one is for Christmas Gift. Thanks for stopping by!


Deneen said…
Terrific job Andy-I can't wait to see the completed hat.
Anonymous said…
That is a very handsome pic of you, Andy! I just adore those colors in this set!

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