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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Long Tail Cast On, My version

If the project asks for a long tail cast on this is what you do. The drawback is not having enough yarn tail to finish your casting on stitches , then frogging and recasting. It can be very frustrating. Experience will teach you how to guesstimate, is better to have more tail and not need it than to recast the whole thing over.

Personally I do not know of an advantage of this cast on over another kind of cast on, I am not a teacher, just a self taught knitter. I am just amazed at the different kinds of casting on methods that are out there. Here is my humble attempt at showing you how to do a Long Tail Cast on. Thanks to Calvin for his wonderful Idea, I will be testing his method and will be posting a Foot Note to this Casting on. Thanks for stopping by!


naomi said...

Thanks Andy !

Calvin said...

Hey, Andy. One trick that I learned in regards to having enough length to complete the cast-on is to do this: Start out with at least 6 inches of yarn. From that point, for each stitch you have to cast-on, wrap the yarn around the needle once for each stitch. Grab the yarn at the end of that and pull off needle and that's where you place the slip knot. You should have enough of a tail to complete the cast on.

Andy's Crafts said...

Hey Calvin That's a wonderful trick, and I will take it into account when I doa long tail cast on. Thanks