Thursday, September 06, 2007

Weaving the ends in Crochet a How to

If you ever wondered how to weave the ends in our piece of crochet work, here is a demostration of weaving the ends , my way. I hope you find it instructive and that you are able to share your opinion with me. I will be teaching you how to make a fringe and how to attach it. The following video is a footnote to the above instructional video

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Anonymous said...

It is always really interesting to see how other people do things. When I weave the ends, I only put the needle through about 2 to 3 inches worth of stitching and then go up over one stitch and then back into it ontop of where I just went, so it sort of locks it into place. I don't do knots, because they always find their way to the top of the work.

However, the way you did a loose knot and then hid it into the work is interesting and I might experiment with in the future.

Thanks for sharing your video. I love hearing your accent as I think it is more personal.

Anonymous said...

Great vids, Andy!! (Did I tell you that I really like your frogs??)

Ann Otto, LCSW said...

Hi Andy!
Greetings from Houston. I enjoyed your weaving the ends video. One question -- do you have a preference as to how long your ends should be? I tend to trim mine down to around 5 inches or so.

Crafty Andy said...

Hi Evryone, Riohnna yes you told me about the frogs. They are not hard to make.

I usually make sure the tail of the work is at least 5 inches (10cm) to 12 inches (25 cm )or more The tails of the work . It is easier to trim after you are sure you have hidden the tail lol!

Charles said...

Hey Andy~~
It was great video! My friends said she did really like it alot! Iam not a crochet guy but this is great to learn about crochet tips! Awesome!

Also visit my knitting blog HERE:


naomi said...

Your videos are great ! I'm waiting for the knitting ones :)

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