Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Jointed Bear is Born

Here He is at last. I thought I was going to be able to make a little movie. but I am afraid it will not be this time. Madison A jointed Bear will give you a show in still frames lol! Oh my he is tired from all the dancing and has to take a break. He is adorable.

I guess I wanted a larger Teddy Bear, but that is from the adult perspective. For a child this is the perfect size. This Pattern took about One Skein of LionBrand Chenille for the main color, ( using G size Hook), and probably less than five yards of the black chenille for the other parts. If you want to make an interesting and inexpensive Teddy Bear, I believe the Madison model will be a great asset for your needs. I used a very tight gauge and my model came out different than the model from the pamphlet as you can tell. The material has also something to do with the fact that it looks different, but all in all it is adorable in both views. Fiberfill is used to stuff it.

If you want the details of where to find the pattern and stuff, just click on this previous posting or click CrochetAndy: A Crochet Bear Head is born, Madison if you prefer to read more about the construction of this Beary Cute Bear. The owner of the Pattern allowed me to use it for a Crochet Along in the Crochet Depot Website. This is a great pattern for doing your Charity Bears. I want to thank Carolyn Christmas Savage for allowing me to have this pattern in our Crochet Along. THANK YOU!
Click on the picture below , it will take you to the page to order the pattern book, I get nothing from this, but satisfaction, no monetary compensation is intended from this; so wether you go directly to her website or click from my page, it is still the same deal for both of us. CraftyuAndy justs thanks you for stopping by!


Deneen said...

He's fantastic-looks like he's dancing.

BopBop said...

I still want to learn to joint crocheted toys. I just think toys that move are so much better than toys that don't.
I've been crocheting for over 6 months now. (longer if you count the childhood crocheting) Anyways I think it's fabulous that you've taken up the craft and are a guy. I can't get my husband to even pick up my WIP bag. lol!

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