Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Slippers or Moccasins on the Go

So I will have you know that I am making a pair of slippers for my NightShirt. I decided in three colors and two textures. The sole of the slippers is black as you can see. I went with the bigger model as I thoughht this will be good for me. I also went with double strands of yarns instead of single strand. I want my slippers to last me for some time. I also went with a combination of colors and textures different than what the pattern called for. This I believe will look more like a moccasin than a slipper

The actual pattern is called Ribbed Cuff Comfies by Ruth Sheperd , The pattern is easy, but there comes a point were I got ver confused and started to finish the slipper in my own way.

This is another view of the top of the slipper, I Am making the second slipper at the same time. Sometimes patterns are made for the designer. I did not think the instructions for the top were very clear. The rest of the pattern seems to be better. The other material will be for the ribbed cuff and I have a feeling it will look and feel great.

Well thanks for stopping by and come back later, I will have at least one of them done, then I will have to decide how to embelish the top.

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Deneen said...

The colors are a great match for the night shirt. Unfortunately, lots of patterns seem to be written for the designer for the sake of publication and I can't understand a lot of them.

Good luck with them and I cannot wait to see them completed and on-with the nightshirt and nightcap (hint-hint)

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