Friday, September 15, 2006

Slippers Allure for Moi!

I guess you have been impatiently waiting for the results of my slipper making. I really like the warmth that it comes from wearing them. I am glad I decided for two strands.

The slippers are finished and as I was sharing with you the other day, I used two kinds of materials. This is done in double strands of Red Heart Yarn. The Cuff is made with one strand of Red Heart and one strand of Patons Allure Yarn.

The laces were a growing experience as you can see, I finally decided to keep the laces at the end. The tassel changed when I finished the second Slipper. They are warm and cushy , which is what I wanted to begin with.

The cuffs have such an exquisite feel to the touch, it is ribbed as ribbed as crochet gets by working on Back loops, so it does have some stretch quality to it. The combination of Red Red Heart and Garnet Patons Allure yarn.

This will be a great pattern to make a felted slipper, if wool was used instead of acrylic. You could probably use a bigger hook, this one called for an I Hook. Here you have the end result.

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.


Deneen said...

Oh looked at you all decked out in your nightshirt, cap and slippers! Great job and they look fab on (all three)

Anonymous said...

I love the slippers, the night shirt and the cap ! So, when's the pajama party ? (lol)

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