Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Yarn Stash 2005

Can You believe the look on my face, Say YARN. I have been tagged to show my stash of yarn, here is most of it, on the far right of the picture toward the window there is about 10 skeins more, and I have about 20 more in the bedroom with projects. It was not always like this, I swear to you.

I inherited a lot of yarn from Scott Hooper. His father sent me all the yarn he had, we split the shipping and I will make granny squares in mempory of granny guy, afghans, scarfs, hats, and such in the memory of Scott Hooper Jr. I have tags with his name on. I will also have a tag saying handcrafted by yours trully. I will be making donations in his memory through my work and his yarn.

Well I have a great surprise for you Friday. Thanks for stopping by. Peldor Joi!!!

Addendum 12/26/05

Scott's father donated the shipping. I have put all my yarn away, got an Etagere just for the yarn and as I walk into the bedroom it looks like a yarn store. My dream come true own my own yarn store. I just wanted to make an addendum to denote Scott's father kindness.


Calvin said...

I just want to jump in and lie there in all that yarn. Scott would be so happy in what you're doing for him. By the way, I seemed to noticed that you're...umn...poking there in that kneeled position. Go on, gurl! Woof!!

Cheryl:) said...

Oh my gosh!!! Look at all that!! It's a mountain!!!!
Love it love it love it.

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