Thursday, December 08, 2005

Crafty Andy Revealed

Well if that did not grab your attention nothing will. LOL . This is my birthchart born in 4/29/60 at 11:45 AM. This will give you a window into my bare soul, so it is like being naked. I have been doing astrology since a very early age. You can say that I am constantly working through the stages and challenges that my chart shows. Nevertheless I am more than my chart.

When I lived in Orlando, (from 1994 until 1997), Tracy, Jason from , and yours trully had a radio show in the morning around 11 am to 12 noon every day for about 6 months I believe,the radio show name was "The Psychic Hour" on WOKB or WKOB AM radio and we had a great time. This will also give you another window into my soul.

I have been an avid astrologer student since the age of 15. As life cricumstances drove me to look outward . I learned about cycles, progressions, astro-cartography (how a location will affect you). and relationships. I learn that a Sun Sign is not enough information to describe someone at all.

In my chart I am a Taurus, but my image or the way the world looks at me is Leo, given the fact that I have the planet Uranus in Leo (in astrology you put the emphasis in the firts syllable of the name, don't laugh) in the house of personality gives me a deep desire for uniqueness, more so with a Leo rising. When a Leo walks into a room he or she is never ignored. My moonis Gemini, which helps with the multitasking, Mercury Conjunct Venus in Aries is , the conjunction is good for writing, Aries is for quick repertoir, wit and thinking, it also goes for impulsiveness, but an Aries goes after what it wants. Venus in Aries is a Venus that always feels alone, even in a crow. LOL. Mars in Piscis is a very mystical Mars, lots of psychic power, it also goes for dancing . I have in my chart what they call a Kite formation, which involves An Earth Grand Trine.

So here is how you explain this in a simple way. Think of a movie projection, the Sun sign is the light of the projection, the Lens is the Moon Sign and the projection is the Rising Sign or Ascendant. So these three aspects are involved in determining your personality, but it is not all. You still have to look at Venus for love and Mars for drive, and Mercury for the way you think.

I thought I would give you a diferent side of the equation to make you ponder whenever you read the horoscope in the newspaper. Major life cycles are around 30, 42, 45, 50, 60, 72 and then who really cares, but 80. If you don't learn the lessons they keep repeating, believe me. The ages are approximate, because only the earth and few other planets have a steady orbit. There are cycles every 7 years, every 2, and so on. Are we predestined by the stars? Not necessarily, but the stars give you a window to your souls path. One of the things that are more important for anyone is to have options, when we are informed of our options we can make the best decisions possible, given we have all the information we need (Gemini has to know, the information gatherer).

Anyway , this was not intented to be an Astrology class, but a window to my soul. I hope you enjoyed reading and that you don't judge a book for it's cover. The weekend will be busy, but the Gemini Moon is excited lots of socialicing. May your path be without incidents, Peldor Joi!

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LadyLinoleum said...

Andy, you "feel" like a Taurus to me. That shines through in your writing and general friendly nature. I'm a Taurus too. My ascendant is Capricorn and my moon is Cancer. Yeah, I know, really winner combo there. Anyway, you feel more earth than fire or air to me. I've got a lot of fire in my chart too. Anyway, we are buds and that's all that matters!

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