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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Silver N Black Pot Holders

I am very excited. The fact that I am getting many projects finished is a wonderful experience of accomplishment.

As of now I have finished the black N silver pot-holders for my friend Javier, a week ahead of schedule, Woohoo!!! The Pot Holder on the left is in Tunisian Crochet and the one on the right is sc and dc alternated for twenty five rows.

The Potholder on the left has a 3 strands, but only two at a time are used throughout the pot holder, I alternated the use of two strands of the specialty yarn along side the black acrylic yarn. The edging is done with the three strands held together. One of the strands has a look like it has glitter in it.

Well I will keep you posted on more of my projects, I am actually working on a single cabled knitted holiday scarf, I will have a progress picture next week, so far I have just started it.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you like my table, next week I will present you with one of my culinary specialties, Pumkin Cheesecake, a la Low Carb. I am also making home made craberry sauce. I want to be spared from the high fructose corn syrup deals in the market.

I don't knit much, but I have been known to make a beautiful sweater or two. I love cables and making sweaters can be very rewarding.

On Ebay I had the opportunity to buy the wonderful BOYE NEEDLEMASTER INTERCHANGEABLE NEEDLE SYSTEM. You have almost all the needles that you need. Is one of my personal xmas gift to myself. Until later then have a great end of the week. Peldor Joi!

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