Friday, November 18, 2005

In Memoriam Scott Hooper 1966-2005

Scott Hooper was born 11-11-1966 and went to spirit 11-2005. As of this moment I don't know the exact time or day of his death, but Scott Hooper has gone home. It was confirmed by an acquaintance of ours today. Last nite Scott came to me in a dream to tell me he has passed away. I was disturbed by the dream and woke up. When I woke up I found Scott sitting at the side of my bed smiling at me, he then vanished. From my life experience when anyone has come to me in a dream to tell me they have passed away, has always been true.

I met him about 3 months ago through the internet, you know one of those crochet groups. He proceeded to invite me to join his Crochet website. He coached me in my blog, in my writting. In the brief time that Scott came into my life he stirred emotions, he stirred creativity, he gave me his unconditional friendship. Can you believe it in a short time we had a fight. I learned from him so much, he learned from me as well. He will not be forgotten. I wish I had more time to spend it with him, but he is gone now. I called him everyday and while at the hospital to give him encouragement to live and have fun. We always laughed so much even when he was sad or he wanted to be serious. Still I can hear his voice and him calling me boricua.

Scott is now timeless and has no pain, no disease, no hunger, no needs. I am happy that he gave me his love and friendship and that we talked almost everyday. I will miss calling him, I will miss hearing his laugh. Scott Hooper has finally gone Home. I will like to yell out load to the Heavens or the Klingon Afterlife; Stovakor and I would say "Beware a Klingon Warrior is about to arrive" . Good bye Tito, until we meet again!

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LadyLinoleum said...

This post made me tear up...

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