Friday, November 04, 2005

Hooked on Crochet Magazine Oct 05 Issue

I was looking at the "Hooked On Crochet" Magazine for October 05. There are lots of interesting projects for the making. Autumn Roses Doilly looks very interesting. I am not sure if I will try to work on it at this time. The Lace coasters, now that's another story, they look like a quick project that you can do in no time, I have some terry style cloth cotton yarn that I may use for that. The pattern is made with size # 10 cotton, I have plenty of that as well. I get it at a Record Store, Discolandia, 2964 24TH St San Francisco, CA 94110-4132 View Map (415) 826-9446, in the Mission District, of San Francisco, where Sylvia, the owner, has all kinds of assorted threads for crochetting.

The Sunflower Sachet pattern is nice as well. Fill it up with some homemade poppouri and watch out Martha Stewart.

There are plenty of patterns for everyone, I like the Kid's Carryall Tote bag, is very clever and will definitely make any kid smile. The sweet Tulips hat is also another nice and easy pattern for a 9 months to 2 year old baby girl. I bet you if you increase it by 1o to 20 stitches it will fit and older girl, age 5 to 10.

The Party Favors for Halloween are a very clever set of quick patterns for a children's party. Not a bad issue I will have to say. I look forward to this months Issue.

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