Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stardate Fall 2005, it begins !!!!

Astrologically fall does not officially begins until September 22, 2005 tomorrow around 6 PM, when the sun goes into the sign of Libra.

I have been working on my Quilt Afghan, it will be done definitely by this weekend , I will have a picture posted when I am done.

I got some patterns from, great patterns I think they will be a great foundation for sweaters and such. The holiday season is around the corner, I am getting ready , making some of my presents, vests, sweaters, hats, washclothes. No socks this year, I will have to learn how to make them first.

The books I was waiting for arrived, they are all great. for those who want the pattern for the Quilt Afghan, you will need to buy the used book ,maybe at Barnes N Nobles, the ISBN is 0-86675-305-2 "More GREAT AFGHANS Crochet and Knit", by KC Publishing, Inc.

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